European Medical Academy

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You cannot compromise on the health and safety of your people -so we don’t compromise on the quality of our staff.

A medic often has sole responsibility for the health of your core workforce in a remote location, so we work alongside our clients to make sure we find the right professional for them. We ensure the level of training, experience and competency of each medic matches the legal and operational requirements of the role for which they are recruited.

Our Team

Available to meet your requirements Short or Long Term and as your project scope expands, we can adapt to ensure the continued well being of your workforce, if requested.

Once deployed, our medics are closely supported through our system of topside medical support based globally.

All our staff undergo a thorough screening process with our Clinical and Competency QaQc team. Ensuring our personnel are always up to date with new innovations and keeping their skills sharp -we also conduct annual medic competency assessments and appraisals.