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8" Boots & Socks

 Skyweight Collection - 8
Tactical excellence meets lightweight utility, featuring non-metallic construction to deliver enhanced agility and responsiveness.
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ATAC Collection - 8

ATAC Collection

€ 124.95
The boot worn by the world's leading public safety personnel just got promoted. It's lighter and more comfortable.
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Speed 3.0 Collection - 8
Built to handle harsh wet environments, featuring advanced Speed 3.0 jungle outsole for superior comfort and stability.
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XPRT® 2.0 8

XPRT® 2.0 8"

€ 229.95
Full length design for increased protection in demanding environments. Combining high performance materials with top quality construction.
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EVO Insulated SideZip  - 8
Full featured tactical boots with side zipper accessibility, built for speed, stamina, and lightweight performance that won't slow you down.
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EVO SideZip Collection - 8
Deliver superior speed, stamina, and traction, and are uniquely built for hot and arid operational environments.
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3-Pack 9

3-Pack 9" Socks

€ 24.95
Incorporate multiple compression zones that work in tandem with our Shock Mitigation System®, and are designed to be lightweight.
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Taclite™ Socks - 8

Taclite™ Socks

€ 12.95
Designed to be lightweight and utilize kinetic absorption to improve your stamina, speed, and control. With moisture-wicking fibers keep you dry.
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