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Backpacks & Int-Storage

As well as preventing the cross contamination of bacteria, this is a non-rot, UV stable material meaning the textile can be recycled. 

Medium Oxygen & Defib Backpack - Backpacks & Int-Storage
Perfect for carrying your CD sized cylinder and defibrillator all in one bag, adjustable inner strap for securing the cylinder to prevent it from moving.
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Small Backpack - Backpacks & Int-Storage

Small Backpack

€ 104.55
Comes complete with adjustable straps and anchor points, comfort lumbar support and reflective printing for high visibility.
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Drugs Module - Backpacks & Int-Storage

Drugs Module

€ 69.70
10 small elastic loops designed to hold ampules in place, inner material of the pouch is our unique silver lightweight antimicrobial fabric.
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