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Backpacks & Pouches

 RUSH -72 (55L) - Backpacks & Pouches

RUSH -72 (55L)

€ 189.95
Engineered to be a full featured 72 hour bag that provides ample space for gear and accessories while remaining rugged and reliable.
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RUSH -24 (37L) - Backpacks & Pouches

RUSH -24 (37L)

€ 139.95
Our most popular tactical backpack, designed to provide superior storage capacity and organisation without slowing you down.
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AMP -24 (32L) - Backpacks & Pouches

AMP -24 (32L)

€ 199.95
Perfect for an overnight mission or an all-day trek, equipped with HEXGRID® load bearing system. Made to load up but light enough to just go.
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AMP -72 (40L) - Backpacks & Pouches

AMP -72 (40L)

€ 259.95
So your overnight assignment just got a few days and nights added. No problem, this gives you brand-new options for mounting or attaching gear.
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HAVOC -30 (25L) - Backpacks & Pouches

HAVOC -30 (25L)

€ 149.95
A laser-cut MOLLE platform and padded eyewear pocket add utility. On-duty, at the range, or on day hike, this bag backs you up.
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Rapid Quad (28L) - Backpacks & Pouches

Rapid Quad (28L)

€ 99.95
With a 270-degree u-zip main compartment, this pack is all about all-access storage. So organised, it's scary.
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Covert -18 (25L) - Backpacks & Pouches

Covert -18 (25L)

€ 149.95
Designed to appear subtle and inconspicuous, a full-sized covert backpack that provides superior tactical utility and a low-vis appearance.
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5.11 HEXGRID® - Backpacks & Pouches


€ 34.95
Tailor your kit loadouts with HEXGRID's 12 angles of attachment for smooth ergonomic access that aligns with individual body movements.
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Admin Gear Set™ - Backpacks & Pouches

Admin Gear Set™

€ 39.95
Meshes seamlessly with 5.11® bags, packs, and duffels, providing a quick and efficient first aid solution for any application or environment.
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Flex Drop - Backpacks & Pouches

Flex Drop

€ 37.95
The super-strong nylon Pouch features zippered storage and bandoliers. It also attaches to all platforms via Flex-HT™ Mounting System’s.
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Flex Admin - Backpacks & Pouches

Flex Admin

€ 37.95
Attaches to all platforms via Flex-HT™ Mounting System’s ½” webbing ladder and ¾” TPU coated straps.
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