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Bags & Int-Storage

 Bacteria cannot live on the surface of the material to prevent the spread of illness and infection. Repels against fluids keeping the internal equipment safe and dry.

Observation Kit Bag - Bags & Int-Storage
Designed for anybody involved in home visits. Front compartment fits 2x Large or 4x Small Pouches and a rear compartment to fit a 15.5″ laptop.
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Grab Bag - Bags & Int-Storage

Grab Bag

€ 115.75
Divided into four quick access sections, two fold out hinge boards, net pockets, elastic loops and identity labels.
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Drugs Bag - Bags & Int-Storage

Drugs Bag

€ 74.55
Designed to make carrying drugs easier, multiple inner pockets, sleeves, elastic loops and netted sections to allow you to organise your drugs.
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Barrel Bag - Bags & Int-Storage

Barrel Bag

€ 81.35
Designed to make transporting your CD sized cylinder easier. Twin lock rubber comfort carry handles make carrying the bag an easy task.
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Drugs Module - Bags & Int-Storage

Drugs Module

€ 69.70
10 small elastic loops designed to hold ampules in place, inner material of the pouch is our unique silver lightweight antimicrobial fabric.
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