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 Focusing on additional interventions and management of serious incidents...

Entry requirements: Requires pre-registration

Qualifications: AoFAQ Level 3 Award

Contact Hours: GLH-40.0 (Residential) NGLH-118.0 (Non-Residential) TQT-158.0

*(GLH - Guided Learning Hours) Internal assessment

*(NGLH - Non-Guided Learning Hours) External assessment/CPD

*(TQT - Total Qualification Time)

Price (including VAT) Euros: 750.00


  • Understanding the Roles and Responsibilities
  • Scene management
  • Recognise and manage a patient with a catastrophic bleed
  • Principles required for effective and safe patient assessment
  • Be able to assess a patient’s level of disability
  • Assess an incident for dangers and respond appropriately
  • Circulation and Shock
  • Assess and manage a patient who is not breathing normally
  • Work with an experienced faculty who know the unique challenges
  • Face the most challenging patient scenarios in a no-risk environment
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